On October 12, 2018 SMBS will be holding our school Walk-A-Thon!  For the past few years this has been a fun way for our students to raise funds to help our school.

Each student will have a sponsor sheet to help keep track of those who pledge money to help him during the fundraiser.  There are two ways that sponsors can pledge money to your student.  The first is by sponsoring an amount per lap your student completes.  The second way is by pledging a flat dollar amount.  Along with the sponsor sheet, your student will also have a collection envelope that will help your child collect the money he raises.  We will have collection days at school when students bring in their sponsor sheets and envelopes and turn in the money they have collected to that point.

There will be four separate collection dates for your students to be able to gain rewards during the fundraiser.  For each sponsor your child gets, he will receive one raffle ticket for some chances to win prizes that will be given out during the rally.

The class who brings in the highest average of money per student will be able to have a great class party at the end of the fundraiser.

Thank you so much for your help with this fundraiser!  We are looking forward to the fun time the students will have raising money and also to all that will take place on the day of the Walk-A-Thon.  If you have any questions, please call the school office at (408) 782-7806.

To make a donation online, click here.