The following forms are also available in our school office.  

Emergency Medical Information
Each student at SMBS is required to have an emergency medical information form available for the staff.  In the case of an emergency, this allows our staff to know who should be contacted and what medication should be administered to the student.

download and print the Emergency Medical Information form here

Agreement Statement
Each student and parent are asked to sign the agreement statement, letting us know that they have read and agree with the rules stated in our handbook.  This form is required to be turned in before the start of the school year.

download and print the Agreement Statement here

School Directory Opt-Out 
The complete (all school) directory for Shadow Mountain Baptist School is a handy reference for locating parents, friends and classmates. It is for the exclusive use of SMBS families and may not be used for any political or commercial purposes or charitable solicitations.

The directory will include family names, student’s grade levels, addresses, and phone numbers of Shadow Mountain Baptist School students and families.

If you DO NOT want your telephone number or address to be listed in the directory, please complete, sign, and return the bottom portion of this form to the school office.

download and print the Directory Parent Approval form here


Driver Authorization
Anyone who drives students other than their own children for any school activity is required to fill out a driver authorization form.  This shows that the driver meets the minimum insurance qualifications to assist in transporting students.

download and print the Driver Authorization form here

Permission Slip
When our students are involved in a school activity that is off-campus, the parent or guardian of the student must sign a permission slip allowing the student to be involved in the activity.  Permission for each activity will be sent home with the student.  If another copy is needed, print this form and bring it to the school office.  

download and print the Permission Slip form here

Internet User Agreement Form
All students in the seventh – twelfth grades will have access to the computer lab.  This is a required form explaining our expectations for their computer and internet usage.

download and print the Internet User Agreement Form here